The Farm

Cultivated fields and woodland in the verdant Umbria

Farming, nature and tourism.

The farm in Tenuta di Caiolo estate extends for about 120 hectares on the hills below the fortified hamlet of Panicale.

The farm holiday structures are located on the slope that goes towards the Nestore Valley; in this part of the estate, in its untouched nature, there are olive groves, forests, meadows, pastures, bee hives and horse stables. Fruit trees are scattered in the vicinity of the holiday farmhouses.

On the other side of the estate, located on the side facing Lake Trasimeno, the farm produces soft and durum wheat, corn and sunflowers. Here are also situated our vineyards which are mainly composed by Sangiovese and Grenache vines (the latter produces the wine named Gamay del Trasimeno).

Our grapes are transformed in wine at the Cantina Duca della Corgna, where Massimo is the chairman.
Excellent quality products are both our honey and extra virgin olive oil produced by the milling of various quality of olives,Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo, Rosciola di Panicale and Dolce Agogia.


(on reservation only)
The Caiolo estate vaunts a breeding of Border Collie dogs since 2001.
The private family breeding is composed of a male of Foligno origin (Joker-Argo) and a female of Bergamo origin (Baila). Both medium-haired, black and white coat, are provided with a fine ROI (Registro Origini Italiano – Italian Origins Register) pedigree.

Our litters will be available at most twice a year, one in summer and one in winter.
The puppies will be transferred to the new owner vaccinated, micro-chipped, dewormed, and with their pedigree ROI, at 60 days of life.

If interested, we are available for further and more detailed information.


We produce honey with organic methods. Our beehives are located in the green of the Caiolo estate, where the bees have nourishment and spaces not contaminated by pesticides.

Beekeeping is an activity that contributes, not only to the protection and maintenance of the environment and biodiversity, but also to agro-forest and forest production through the pollination action of the bees.

You can buy our honey at our Tasting Center ‘La Terrazza’ at the Tenuta di Caiolo estate.

For further information or to purchase our honey, please call or contact us via email.


Extra virgin olive oil and honey are sold directly by the farm and are available in limited quantities.
Our wine, produced from Sangiovese and Grenache grapes processed in the Cantina Duca della Corgna winery, can be ordered, tasted and purchased at the Tenuta di Caiolo estate.

From the field to the table.

The Tenuta di Caiolo offers its guests the unique experience of living in a real farm. The farm, with productions ranging from cereals, wine, extra virgin olive oil to beekeeping and a vegetable garden for theirs and guest’s use, with wooded areas that offer shelter to the local fauna, is the natural fulcrum for the farm holidays activity. The seasons alternation and their fruits on the trees and in the fields, distinguishes our offers for tasting and holidays to live in connection with nature and with the culture of the surrounding area.

Food and Wine Tasting

Wines, oil, honey and products from farm and the area of the Trasimeno hills, organic, local, to taste and buy in our Tasting Center ‘La Terrazza’.

Cooking lessons and more …

Our cooking lessons will take you from the garden, to the stove, to the table under the guidance of an expert local cook. All the scents, the colors and the flavors you will bring back home as a live memory of your holiday in Italy

Farm Holidays

The old restored farmhouses, surrounded by greenery, can accommodate 30 people at the most, offering a welcoming and unique setting for your holidays.