The Sepiacci Family

It is thanks to Giuseppina and her husband Fausto (who died recently), that in the eighties a part of their family farm on the large estate Tenuta di Caiolo was transformed into an ‘Agriturismo’. First, Casa Caiolo with its two apartments, and the houses Il Billo and Casa Fonte were restructured and adapted to their new use. Then in 1988 the large swimming pool was added, and at the beginning of this century, the old barn was transformed into an apartment. In 2008 Il Palazzo, which up until then had been the family home, was made into an Agriturism residence as a Bed and Breakfast. The care and attention and great professionalism which the three generations of the Sepiacci family put into running the Agriturism has recently been recognised with the international certification, “SO14001 Environment System Certificate”. ISO14001 environment system certificate



Pina, together with her husband Fausto, is the founder of the firm which she has been running since the nineteen fifties and later, when it was born in the eighties, the Agriturismo.
She is still active in the direction and
is a point of reference for our guests.
Giuseppina, aged '29

Massimo, Fausto and Pina’s son, works in the running of the firm. He has many varied interests, such as Councillor of the Club Velico Castiglionese sailing club, and Vice President of the wine producers Cantina del Trasimeno.
Massimo, aged '55

Italian teacher, teaches in the Middle School at Panicale. She participates actively in the town’s life, acting as Vice Mayor and Assessor of Culture and Tourism.

Giselda,aged '58

A student at the University of Scientific Investigation at Narni.Inside the estate he is mainly
occupied with the agricultural side of the business.

Daniele, aged '85
Studies Law at the University of Perugia. She works in the direction of the firm as well as reception and . hospitality She is a sailing instructress at the Castiglione sailing club.

Elena, aged '88