Grape Festival. September in the vineyards

Castiglione del lago

Color the skies - The world of kites

Passignano sul Trasimeno

Boats race - unique in Italy

Panicale - The Grape Festival


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The entire Trasimeno area is full of cultural, folkloristic, artistic and popular events. Panicale offers a whole series of events to residents and tourists, many of which take place in the lovely Cesare Caporali Theatre with concerts, theatre and recitals all year round. These include Musica Insieme, Mosaico Sonoro, Festival Organistico Morettini. The Grape Festival is very popular, with its decorated floats and performances, and then there are the Giornate dell’Olio dedicated to the environment and the food of Panicale. Events Panicale

Castiglione del Lago - Coloriamo i Cieli (Colour the Skies)

fine aprile - 1 maggio

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Castiglione del Lago opens the season of events the second Sunday in April with the Festa del Tulipano or Tulip Festival, which began in the nineteen fifties. This is followed by the Spring Meeting, a gathering of ultra-light aeroplanes and hot air balloons and, also at the airport, Coloriamo I Cieli, an international meeting for kite flyers. In August there is the International Folk Dancing or Rassegna Internazionale del Folclore which over the years has brought dance companies and schools to the lake from all over the world. And then there is Trasimeno Blues concerts at Palazzo della Corgna and the Rocca Medievale open-air theatre, and dozens of other events which you can find at the link below.

Events Castiglione

Passignano s.T. - Palio delle Barche (Boat race)

ultima domenica di luglio

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The northern coast of the lake was where the Battle of Trasimeno took place with Hannibal and the Roman army on opposing sides, and at Tuoro there is an annual re-enactment on the scene of the battle. They also have their August festival with a chariot race and a whole roasted ox. At the end of July Passignano comes alive with its annual Palio delle Barche or boat race, boats shouldered by teams running through the town, and then racing in the water. Here there is also the Sagra del Pesce with fish fried in the largest pan in the world. Castel Rigone above Passignano offers the Festival of Young Musicians and also the Festa dei Barbari (Barbarians), the only re-enactment in Italy in Gothic costumes.

Events Passignano

Città della Pieve - Palio dei Terzieri

prima metà di agosto

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The events in Città della Pieve on a Renaissance theme begin at Easter with Living Pictures in the underground rooms in Palazzo Orca. Then there is the Umbria Water Festival, summer events, the “Infiorata” when the streets are decorated with flower petals and in August the Palio dei Terzieri a long festival including the reconstruction of a Renaissance village. They also have a Literature festival, and one dedicated to the locally grown Saffron, Trasimeno Blues concerts in the Palazzo Corgna, exhibitions and special evenings.

Events Città della Pieve